Electro Zwijsen chose Rank 1 as their preferred IT-partner. The company, located in Duffel, and which specialises in electrical engineering, knows very well why it outsources its IT-activities. “You can’t find service like Rank 1’s anywhere else.”

A human connection

“When the assigned engineer is ill, or is on holidays, then a colleague stands in for him”, says Raf De Backer, Director Professional Services at Rank 1. “This way, we guarantee business continuity for our customer. We monitor their IT-infrastructure remotely, so we can take action when an issue occurs.”

“I don’t get any complaints, so I assume everything is going well”, laughs CEO Tim Sablon. “We chose Rank 1 because of the people who work there. We don’t buy a product, but a service. The human connection is really important.

We used to have an IT-manager in the company, but today we make the choice to outsource it all. The landscape is so complex, it would take a genius to know everything about everything. By choosing for Rank 1, we can count on a team of specialists.”

Servers and disks

“The Exchange server migration is the most recent project we did together”, says Viviane Ponet. “Recently we upgraded to the latest version. Everything went well, there was no inconvenience to our users.”

“Right now, we are also replacing disks in laptops and pc’s”, says Raf De Backer from Rank 1. “With these new Solid State Disks, we extend the lifetime of the machines, avoid crashes, and we make the machines work faster. It’s a small investment with a positive return, and it decreases the cost of ownership. That’s how we like to think along with our customer.”

Trustworthy and down-to-earth

Electro Zwijsen has been working together with Rank 1 for a year now. “On fixed moments, the Rank 1 consultants come on site in Duffel”, says Viviane Ponet. “Our staff count on them. Even though the Rank 1 consultants are not direct employees of Electro Zwijsen, we consider them one part of our company. They know our IT inside out.”

“In the past we had negative experiences with other partners. This makes us realise how happy we are with Rank 1. Before we worked with them, it could take hours or days before a problem got solved. Now it takes minutes. And when the house is on fire, Rank 1 is there right away.”

Tim Sablon agrees that trust is the main factor in this collaboration. “There are many cowboys in the IT-world. They take advantage of your lack of IT-expertise. They sell you things you don’t need. But we trust Rank 1. Their consultants are trustworthy and down-to-earth.”

Crystal clear communication

Rank 1 will design a contract depending on the needs of the company, for a particular service, but with some inbuilt flexibility and clear transparency.

For major projects, the number of hours is agreed in advance.

“This flexibility is a major plus for us”, says Viviane Ponet. “The communication is crystal clear. We don’t get surprises at the end of the month.

I would definitely recommend Rank 1. You can’t find such good service anywhere else. Their consultants are driven and passionate. They will go to extremes to find a solution.”


Electro Zwijsen has been active in Belgium and Luxemburg since 1987 for all electrotechnical work. The Duffel-based company specialises in electrical engineering, fire and burglary protection and data networks.

Their main activity consists of installing and maintaining electrical systems in offices, apartment buildings, shops, and public buildings like hospitals and retirement homes.

In the spotlight are their special projects like the electrical installations in the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp or the Antwerp Zoo, but also the installation of license plate recognition cameras. Electro Zwijsen is proud to count companies such as Atlas Copco, ING, Veritas, JBC, Q-Park, Torfs, AZ Monica, AVA and Bpost amongst their customers. The company counts more than 230 employees and achieved a turnover of EUR 25 million last year.