Rank 1 guarantees secure and stable teleworking

Teleworking will continue to be important in the future. Companies that are well equipped are ahead of the game.

Rank 1 is a specialist provider of IT infrastructure services. Business developer Katrien Reyniers explains how Rank 1 can help companies.

‘Many business managers have found out the hard way how important it is to organise homeworking properly,’ says Katrien Reyniers. ‘The security and stability of the network is an absolute priority. With Office 365, Rank 1 has a solution that supports teleworking, including with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.’

Secure home office

As for security, Rank 1 works together with Sophos that offers a free security programme for home use. During this coronavirus crisis, all professional Sophos customers can make free use of Sophos Home Premium to secure home offices. ‘Sophos customers who would like to do so can activate this service via Rank1,’ says Katrien. ‘Our employees work remotely most of the time even in normal circumstances. So, our processes are ready for this.’


Rank1 assists customers with bringing ERP and back-office systems into the cloud. Security and performance are central. ‘Anyone who opts for the cloud can always work location-independent,’ Katrien explains. ‘Data and applications are accessible anywhere. We, ourselves, also work 100% in the cloud. Our way of working is the blueprint for cloud transformation projects we do for our customers.’

Customers of Rank 1 include Elektro Zwijsen, CVR, Elia and Umicore, among others.