You should be completely able to rely on your IT partner when you decide to outsource. Rank 1 will give you round-the-clock availability & security.

You can transfer all your worries to us and focus on your work. As an entrepreneur, you have better things to do than lie awake and worry about your IT systems. While we take care of your IT infrastructure, we are constantly taking proactive steps to make sure that your IT environment is optimally tailored to the needs of your company and your employees.

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Service Companies

Service Companies

Do your employees mostly work in the office or are they usually on the road? As a service company you may have to deal with multiple files and data sources to handle different customers. You must be able to work smoothly whether you are working within your organization or with external/outside partners.

Things can be easier if your systems are equipped to handle both internal and external communications without causing conflicts. Our cleverly thought out solutions make it easy for your employees to communicate in a simple, efficient, and safe manner.

Manufacturing & Distribution companies

Manufacturing & Distribution companies

You want to keep your production environments separated from other business activities, so that their respective continuities are never compromised.

But your sales and marketing team also needs openness and easy access to data and functions to stay in touch with the market. Today, more than ever, you cannot afford information silos.

With strategic architecture, we can ensure a secure exchange of data between your OT and IT environments.

Pharma & Healthcare

Pharma & Healthcare

Privacy is important when your company handles personal data. For medical information, an extra dimension gets added from an ethical and legal point of view. Additionally, you do not want complicated applications or systems that fail to respond adequately at crucial moments. Your employees have lots of other things to worry about.

No worries. We provide additional encryption for sensitive documents and data, whenever necessary.

Construction & Construction Industry

Construction & Construction Industry

The days when workers at construction sites were left without technical aids and computerization are over.

Robots and IoT - computerised devices require a smooth connection with the internal departments and systems. Mostly through mobile devices, remotely.

We can provide a robust infrastructure for your construction business where all your devices can seamlessly interact with your internal IT environment.

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Cloud transformation

Rank 1 not only ensures smooth cloud transformation of your existing IT environment but also gives you a clear take on what would be the best approach for your specific needs. From cloud migration of entire infrastructure to setting up of individual accounts to security and encryption, you can completely count on our cloud migration services. Rank 1 not only ensures technical implementation and security of your IT needs, but also provides a clear analysis of your infrastructure needs and a well laid out plan to set everything up.

Synchronized Security

Synchronized Security

Complete security for your entire IT environment from multiple angles. No matter from where cyber threats and cyber-attacks emanate, we can nip them in the bud or put in place safeguards so that you can focus on building your business rather than worrying about the safety of your IT infrastructure. With our expert knowledge and experience, we can install an impenetrable defence for your IT infrastructure through a combination of hardware & software.

Harmonized Infrastructure

Harmonized Infrastructure

Employees, business partners, suppliers and customers & clients have different needs when it comes to accessing your IT infrastructure. Whether they are on-site or off-site, their interaction with your IT environment must be seamless and completely secure. We can harmonize your IT infrastructure with the speed and agility your different stakeholders need to give their best. We can harmonize your IT infrastructure with the speed and agility of your business.

Architecture & Integration

Architecture & Integration

Whether you use your IT infrastructure to manage your modern workplace or for extensive automation of your production process, one thing is certain: the architecture of your IT environment determines the agility and continuity of your company. Our ICT architects and consultants will actively work with you to develop a strategy and roadmap. Our strategy and implementation will be done based on your current needs and your goals for the coming days, months or even years.

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1 Aug 2021


Electro Zwijsen chose Rank 1 as their preferred IT-partner. The company, located in Duffel, and which specialises in electrical engineering, knows very well why it outsources its IT-activities. “You can’t find service like Rank 1’s anywhere else.”

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